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SPECIAL EVENT: The Path to University at ISLA Academy

We are very excited to announce the date of our upcoming presentation, "The Path to University". The event will take place on Thursday, February 1st at 4:00 pm at the ISLA Academy campus. The entire community is welcome to attend and hear information about the following topics:

  • Our accredited diploma program accepted by ALL international, US, and Dominican universities

  • How our rigorous college-preparatory curriculum is built to ensure success at the university level

  • How the majority of our academic curriculum is based on AP courses while incorporating research and presentation skills

  • How each major course is designed to prepare students for the respective AP exam (ex. AP World History, AP Economics, AP Spanish) and how these classes lay the groundwork for students to have the ability to take many additional AP exams (AP Environmental Science, AP Statistics, AP Chemistry, etc.)

  • The scope and sequence of our middle and high school curriculum

  • What families can do to begin preparing for the university admissions process

  • How ISLA students are uniquely able to obtain additional high school credits for extracurricular activities (ex. tennis, photography, online university courses, work experience)

  • ISLA's continued focus on helping our prospective university students stand out in the college application process

We look forward to seeing everyone there (especially the students)! For more information, call us at(809)571-4633 or email at

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