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Mission & Values




ISLA Academy believes that learning is most effective when students understand how their education connects to their own lives.  For this reason, we focus on concept-based learning through the process of inquiry.  Students learn big ideas that transcend time, place, and situation, preparing them to be citizens of the world.  The world is rapidly changing and it is our mission to help prepare students for that world.  We put an emphasis on personalized education, in which each student takes ownership of their own learning.  Individuality is encouraged and students come to realize that their talents and interests are valuable and can be used to present their understanding and make connections.  ISLA Academy is academically rigorous, but we place value on educating the whole child by building character education into our integrated transdisciplinary units. Most importantly, we understand that learning happens by doing. 

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.”




ISLA Academy guides its practices by adhering to the following set of guiding principles:


1. We belong to our planet, our country, and especially our community. We are aware of our connection to others.


2. We are all unique and special.  Each person has something to contribute and we value the differences among us all.


3. We are protectors of the environment.  We love the land and want to keep it beautiful.


4. We ask the difficult questions and are always searching for more.  We love learning!


5. We are creative.  Through artistic expression, we inspire others and help to make the world a more interesting place.


6. We care about others.  We always try to remember the effect that our actions have on others.  We try to be good people in all that we do.


7. We love to be challenged.  We learn by doing, by making mistakes, and by improving ourselves. 


8. We believe that everyone deserves peace and happiness.  We use our knowledge, creativity, and generosity to help others in need.


9. We commit to promoting diversity. We welcome people of all ages, races, nationalities and religions.


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