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ISLA Academy Lunch

ISLA Academy offers cafeteria-style, healthy lunches. We believe that healthy bodies encourage healthy minds and our chefs pride themselves on well-balanced, local, colorful meals. The lunch menu is largely vegetarian, with fish and chicken served on occasion. Each meal is carefully planned to provide a tasty, well-balanced source of nutrients, low in saturated fats and simple sugars.  In our efforts to lessen our environmental impact, we strive to primarily use locally grown produce and products, even fruits and veggies from our very own ISLA garden.

Lunch is included in the cost of tuition at our Cabarete campus.  Families may choose to purchase meals from an outside provider at our Las Terrenas campus.  For more information on how to purchase meals, please contact the ISLA office at (809)795-5816 or at


For students who bring their own lunch, we encourage parents to send foods high in nutrients (the more color the better!), and low in sugar. Additionally, ISLA Academy strongly promotes packing a waste-free lunch, by packing your child’s food in reusable containers. Due to limited refrigerator space, student lunches and drinks cannot be stored in the ISLA refrigerator.  For any items that need to be kept cool, please pack an ice pack.


Water coolers will be accessible to students throughout the day. Students are required to bring their own reusable water bottles.


A nutritious morning snack is provided to all Preschool and Phase 1 students. A variety of healthy snacks will be available at designated times at the campus canteen for a small fee. For families who bring their own snacks, reusable containers are strongly encouraged. 

Menu 2024-2025

Weeks 0-1 Menu
Screenshot 2024-07-17 at 4.14.02 PM.png
Weeks 2-4 Menu
Screenshot 2024-07-17 at 4.14.36 PM.png
Weeks 5-6 Menu
Screenshot 2024-07-17 at 4.31.16 PM.png
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