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Support progressive education!  ISLA Academy is extremely grateful to all of the supporters of our program.  If you would like to help out, please see below for the variety of ways that you can contribute to the cause.  Thank you so much!


  • Sponsor a child: You may contribute part or all of the tuition for a student to participate in any of our programs.  Click here for our program fees.  Sponsoring a child gives ISLA Academy the opportunity to offer progressive education to the best and brightest of the island, no matter what their socioeconomic background may be.


  • Donate to our library or game center: ISLA Academy accepts books, games, learning materials, and more.  We accept books of all languages, and if we can’t use them here, we will find a good home for them.  All games and learning materials should be in better than average condition.  


  • Support our technology and science laboratories:  We accept financial donations for the technology lab.  Our science lab is always looking for more to dissect, examine, and analyze.  


  • Bring us your old music equipment: Our Music Makers program loves to try out new instruments.  Or better yet, come jam with the next generation of world musicians.


  • Drop off your unused building and industrial materials. Got some old tires laying around? A stack of pallets at your business warehouse gathering dust? A heap of broken tiles sitting in a corner for far too long? Bring them over! We love to incorporate upcycled materials into our fun, outdoor playscapes and art projects. 


  • Give your time!  With the diverse variety of programs offered at ISLA Academy, there is sure to be a way for you to contribute to the learning environment.  Come help in the garden or chaperone a school event.  The students love to meet interesting people.

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