Our Team - Cabarete

Sean Bennett
Director, Co-founder
Bachelor of Education, University of Georgia, USA

I began mentoring the youth in my hometown of Brunswick, Georgia when I was just 16 years old.  Teaching and guidance were a part of me before I ever knew what I "wanted to be when I grew up".  I worked at after-school and summer camps, led youth group activities, and umpired local youth baseball games until I entered the University of Georgia on scholarship.

Once there, I began my studies in Early Childhood Education.  My courses focused on educational psychology, special education, multiculturalism, and mathematics.  During my time as an undergraduate, I began working for a state-funded mental health organization providing group activity therapy to children with emotional behavior disorders.  This experience eventually led me to begin offering counseling in the homes and schools of these young people.  I worked closely with licensed counselors to develop behavioral goals.  I then assisted the children in achieving those goals in their homes and communities.

One year before graduating, I began offering counseling to foster children and their estranged parents with the goal of family reunification.  I assisted parents with their court-mandated case plans and provided parenting classes to improve success rates after reunification.  I also worked with the foster children to help re-build relationships with their birth parents while also maintaining a positive experience at their foster placement.  On weekends, I ran "The Granny House", a small home placement for foster children that had no other place to go.  While the youth were there, I served as their parent, mentor, teacher, and counselor until we could find a relative or foster home for them.


Seeing a need in our community to provide alternatives to incarceration for our teenagers, I started Impact Counseling and Consulting.  Shortly after the project began, I graduated Summa Cum Laude from the University of Georgia and then began studying Law at Georgia State University.  Within 18 months, Impact Counseling was the largest provider of counseling to juvenile offenders in northeast Georgia.  We were able to keep 183 of our first 200 clients out of juvenile detention centers.  To do this, I led group counseling sessions on issues ranging from anger management to substance abuse. I also provided college and career counseling, GED training, and job placement assistance.

In 2008, I moved to South Korea to teach at English Zone Academy. While there, I developed the curriculum and initiated adult English classes for local chemical engineers.  I also provided one-on-one counseling and English lessons to Korean students seeking to study in the United States.

In 2010, I began teaching IELTS training classes in Vietnam to students intending to study internationally.  In addition, I served as the English language professor at Infoworld University.  When possible, I also taught both elementary and high school classes at the American International School in Ho Chi Minh City.

After leaving Vietnam, I was chosen to be a principal for the brand-new satellite Primary School campus of an international school in Tanzania.  While there, I developed the administrative and physical structures of the school.  I improved upon existing policies from the school's main campus and helped to push advancements in the areas of parent involvement, cross-curricular learning, health and hygiene, and green practices.  I assisted in the design of after-school programs, a winter camp, a school playground, and football fields.  During my tenure, our school was the fastest-growing international Lower Primary school in Tanzania with consistent growth rates of 15% over the first three years.

I spent 2014 and 2015 as the Head of the English Department for the Liceo Cientifico in Salcedo, Dominican Republic.  The Liceo Cientifico is the Dominican Republic’s first STEM magnet school in the country.  There, I developed the most rigorous English curriculum in the country, using proven methods of assessment.  I designed entrance exams, led workshops in teacher training, and, most significantly, prepared my students to complete the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL), the prerequisite for entering any international university. 

I now seek to share with other educators my experiences in developing schools and counseling programs in the US, Asia, the Dominican Republic, and Africa.  I have two beautiful children and an unquenchable desire to provide a world-class education to them and our community.  I believe in setting high expectations for all learners and emphasize teaching students to be stewards of the earth. My experiences serving students from a variety of abilities, cultures, and socio-economic backgrounds has led me to be a staunch advocate for teaching to an array of learning styles.

Rebeccca Baker de Martinez
Director of Operations
Bachelor of Arts, Primary Education, Birmingham City University, England

Saludos! My name is Rebecca Baker de Martinez, and whilst I am originally from a small town in the center of England, I have lived and taught here on the North Coast, with my identical twin sister, since 2011.  


During my time here I married my wonderful husband and have become a mother to two children. We are currently expecting baby number 3! I founded ‘Cabarete Playgroup’ years ago to allow parents and their little ones to meet, chat and play on the beach. I threw myself into Dominican life right from the beginning, by residing in a local ‘barrio’. This is where I was able to learn Spanish and immerse myself in the local culture. 


Since graduating with a BA (HONS) in Primary Education back in 2009, I have been lucky enough to have had the opportunity to teach in a range of age phases, from three-year-old pre-school students to Seventh Graders. I have taught at International Schools here on the North Coast since I arrived all those years ago and have felt privileged to meet so many inquiring young minds and their supportive families. I am so excited about the existence of ISLA Academy and am thrilled to be part of an excellent team of educators filling an educational gap that had been felt within the community for quite some time. You will find me in the office, where I act as Assistant Director. Please do come by and say hello! 


In my spare time, I like to get creative, drawing, making party decorations, accessories and tutus, as well as crochet blankets, flowers and footless sandals for babies and toddlers. I am very much looking forward to this jam-packed academic year and all of the fun that we will have along the way!

Franco Rodriguez
Curriculum Coordinator
Master of Education, University of Northern Colorado, USA
Bachelor of Science, Colorado State University, USA;

Hola!  My name is Franco Rodriguez and I am very excited to work with ISLA Academy.  I am from Colorado in the United States, but most recently, I worked in Shanghai, China, where I taught in IB-PYP international schools for five years.  Prior to China, I lived in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam for two years where I taught in an IB-PYP candidate international school, and in Seoul, South Korea teaching at an English language school for one year.


My IB-PYP experience has been extensive and rewarding.  I really believe in the IB-PYP curriculum as it promotes the development of each student’s intellectual, emotional, social, and physical self.  Students will inevitably become caring, active, life-long global learners.  IB-PYP uses an inquiry-based approach to teaching and learning that encourages students to think about their prior knowledge, ask questions, find out new information, sort that information, decide how they can further their knowledge or skill acquisition, reflect on what they have learned, and take action with local or global issues.  


My experience with the IB-PYP curriculum includes planning and collaboration with teachers and administrators both in the school and at various regional conferences and professional development opportunities.  I have attended IB-PYP sanctioned conferences on Concept-Based Learning, Language in the Classroom, the beginner course called Making the PYP Happen, Assessment, Transdisciplinary Learning, and other non-PYP sanctioned conferences such as Differentiation in the Classroom.  At each of these, I was able to meet other PYP teachers in China and across Asia, discuss how they interpret the PYP teaching and learning, and gain resources and ideas of how to implement PYP in the classroom.


In addition to my experience inside of schools, I have tried to use my free time in creative and helpful ways in my community.  I volunteered at orphanages in South Korea and Vietnam teaching students about music and reading to them.  In Shanghai, I helped form a folk band, wrote many songs in five years, and played for many audiences surrounding Shanghai and Beijing.  With that band, we toured Mongolia and stopped in at orphanages and shared our musical experiences with them as well. 


Arianny de la Cruz
Administrative Assistant
Currently pursuing degree in Education, UNEV, Santiago

Hi! My name is Arianny de la Cruz. I am from Dominican Republic, born in Sosua.   

I discovered my love for children and their learning at ISLA Academy when I got my first job as a preschool assistant in 2015. Since then I knew that was what I wanted for me. Currently i am a term student of Early Education degree, I have worked in several areas at the school, as a Spanish teacher, summer camp Director , nurse, librarian and after school program coordinator. 

I like to work in our environment and to be able to help and collaborate in the education of all our children in some way or another.

Nykia Blue
Financial Director
Post-Graduate Certificate in Primary Education and Early Years
Bachelor of Arts in Development, Politics, and Education



I am a jolly and caring person who has taught primary aged children for the last 12 years. I have worked in private, public and NGO schools in England, Bolivia, the Cayman Islands,  Italy and India. This wealth of teaching and living experiences over the years has lead me to develop my teaching abilities and skills into more of a holistic and Integral approach to Education, that not only focuses on academics, but on the child's development as a whole. This amazing journey as a teacher, has taught me that the best teacher is not someone that holds an infinite amount of knowledge; as these days Google search can do that job just as well, but a good teacher is someone that recognises the importance of providing a space where every child feels supported to pursue their interests, vocations and dreams. Alongside teaching children, I also have other passions: I teach Yoga, I am a Massage and Aqua Therapist and a Reiki Practitioner. So if you are interested in knowing more about any of my work, come and speak to me as it would be my pleasure to get to know the members of the wider school community.

Yesenia Zapata
Preschool Assistant 
Universidad Autonoma, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Hola,  Mi nombre es Cristina Zapata, (Yesenia). Soy Dominican, naci el 5 de diciembre. Vivo 

en Montellano. Estudio en la Universidad  (UASD) Autonoma de Santo Domingo. He tenido experiencia en el área con los niños y descubrí que me gusta enseñar a los niños y parents nuevas codes con ellos.



Preschool Lead Teacher
Masters of Science in Education, University of Alaka, USA
Montessori Preschool Diploma
Early Childhood Diploma

This is my fourth year at ISLA, and I’m teaching the little ones in la “Casita”. I love the magic that can be found in the Early Years. I have extensive experience and academic background in this area: a Montessori Preschool Diploma, an Early Childhood Diploma and after graduating with a Masters of Education from the University of Alaska, I taught the Child Growth and Development course at Yukon College. These are the wonder years and it is the kids who make teaching at Casita magical, of course! When they get excited about learning, they express their joy unabashedly and it is contagious. 


I love asking questions. The best education question I’ve ever encountered is the one we are constantly asking at ISLA, how do children learn to love to learn? For me the answer is simple, children who learn to wonder about life, who learn to formulate interesting questions and learn how to answer them, these children are unstoppable. I teach “bio-centrically”,  the honoring of life, which comes from Rolando Toro, who created “biodanza”. I feel that our 21 century children need to connect deeply with nature so they can understand our amazing world and the most amazing creatures in it, our own selves! La Casita is set right in the garden and the beach a short walk away, so the natural world is our playground. Age appropriate materials are set up at our “play-work” stations so children can experience engagement, challenge and success.  We become lifelong learners because we love learning about life! 


Preschool Assistant
Universidad Autonoma, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic




Hola,  Mi nombre es Cristina Zapata, (Yesenia). Soy Dominican, naci el 5 de diciembre. Vivo 

en Montellano. Estudio en la Universidad  (UASD) Autonoma de Santo Domingo. He tenido experiencia en el área con los niños y descubrí que me gusta enseñar a los niños y parents nuevas codes con ellos.



Junior Poche
Music Teacher, Whole School
Bachelor of Primary Education, Griffith University, QLD Australia





Charrissa Needham
Phase 1 (Grades Pre-K and Kindergarten)
Bachelor of Primary Education, Griffith University, QLD Australia

Hi! My name is Charrissa Needham and I am from Australia. Over the past 15 years I have been working in International Schools all over the world. I started my international adventure teaching preschool and kindergarten in Japan. I then moved to Honduras where I taught Year 1. I have also taught in Indonesia and Thailand with Year 1 and Kindergarten students. For the next 3 years, I taught Year 2 in Norway before moving to the Dominican Republic. This is my second year working at ISLA Academy teaching Phase 1.

Sandra Peralta
Phase 1 Assistant
Bachelor of Education, UNEV Santiago, Dominican Republic

Hi, my name is Zoila Peralta, but my students always call me Ms. Sandra. I am from the Dominican Republic. I earned my Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education from the university UNEV in Santiago. 

I have 19 years of experience working with children 3 to 5 years old, primarily in international schools along the north coast.  I love working with young children because they learn so quickly. In my experience, I have realized that with patience and love many things can be achieved.  With these two values, we can help the child to learn in a safe place.

My daughter, Arianny, is also a teacher at ISLA Academy. 

Marie Steiner
Phase 2 (Grades 1st and 2nd)
Master of Education, George Mason University, USA
Bachelor of Arts, Kent State University, USA

Hello! I'm Ms. Marie and I'm thrilled to be a part ISLA Academy. I grew up in Ohio, and served in the Peace Corps in Senegal for two years.  Before moving to Sosua, I lived in Washington D.C. for nine years, teaching preschool. It was there that I developed a love of teaching, a love of two, three, and four-year-olds, and a love for inquiry and play-based learning.  It is also during this time that I pursued my Masters in Education from George Mason University. Upon deciding to move to the Dominican Republic, I was thrilled to find a school that nurtures the whole child and teaches children to be thinkers. After spending two year in La Casita, I am looking forward to teaching the Phase 2 students!  How exciting to be learning to read, write, and find answers to questions! Phase 2 will be a whole new adventure! I look forward to continuing to share my ideas and knowledge, as well as gain new ones, from this community--students, teachers, and parents included.


In my free time, you can find me living the life by snuggling my new baby, trying to catch waves, or drinking a cappuccino.

Rachael Baker de Soler
Deputy Director, Primary
Phase 3 (Grades 3rd and 4th)
Bachelor of Arts, Primary Education, Birmingham City University, England



Hello. My name is Rachael Baker de Soler. I am originally from England. I knew from an

early age that I wanted to be a teacher, so after college I went on to attend university. I went on to gain a BA (Honors) degree in Primary Education specializing in Early Years in 2009. I taught in a range of schools, and have experience teaching children from 2– 11 years old. For our family holidays, we usually stayed close to home and visited Spain, Portugal, or one of the Baleric or Canary islands. This was until one day my mum saw an offer in the travel agent’s window that she couldn’t pass up. Our first vacation to Dominican Republic was back in 2006. There was a special charm about this small Caribbean island that inspired me to return, which I did for many years until together with my identical twin I took the plunge and moved to Cabarete at the end of 2011.


With only what we could fit into a suitcase we flew 9 hours, over 4,300 miles from home to see where Caribbean life would take us. After only a month I began working at an international school here on the North Coast. I was a third-grade homeroom teacher for four and a half years. During that time I got married and my husband and I welcomed our three beautiful children who are a true blessing. Our eldest daughter is five and is inquisitive, with such a desire to learn about the world around her. Our son is three years old, he is an active, kind, and enthusiastic boy who loves being outdoors. He loves going to the Casita and is learning new things every day. Our third child, Amelia, is calm and content. She is a very active and independent 21 month old. She does not let the others leave her behind. 


I am so thrilled that they have the opportunity to have such a hands-on, child-

centered education, such as is offered here at ISLA. I am a firm believer that children learn by ‘doing’ therefore I believe that using inquiry to allow children to ask and answer questions about the world around them is a fantastic way to engage children and help them to learn2love2learn.


I am very much looking forward to this next academic year, my fourth year teaching at ISLA Academy.


Dr. Shala Lamothe, Ed.D.
Deputy Director, STEM
Science, Secondary School
Doctorate of Education in Educational Leadership, Liberty University, USA
Education Specialist in Educational Leadership, Liberty University, USA
Master of Science in Education,  Southern New Hampshire University, USA
Bachelor of Science in Accounting, Colorado Technical University (CTU), USA




Growing up with a teacher parent, I learned the value of education at an early age. I also learned the difference a passionate teacher can make in the lives of their students. I began my career as a Pre-K teacher and had the privilege of moving up with my class from Pre-K to Kindergarten to 1st grade. I stayed in the first grade for a couple of years before moving onto a 2-4th grade combined classroom. After an unexpected life change, I took a job as an accounting manager for the US Air Force. Soon after earning my Bachelor of Science in Accounting, though, the base shut down, and the private school my children attended offered me a job teaching middle school (6th -8th grades) mathematics and science. My passion for teaching was re-ignited and I have not left the classroom since.


After 4 years there, I was asked to follow my principal to help develop a school

specifically designed for the special academic needs of foster and group home

teenagers. For three years, I taught middle school mathematics and science. After earning my Master of Education (M.Ed.), I was moved to the high school where I taught mathematics, science, and American Sign Language. As the school grew, more teachers were added, and I was able to focus on developing and teaching only the high school sciences (physical science, environmental science, biology, and chemistry).


After earning my Doctorate of Education in Leadership (Ed.D.), I was given administrative responsibilities, such as testing coordinator, teacher evaluations, curriculum development and professional development. For 10 years, I also taught American Sign Language to adults at a community college. 


I joined the ISLA family in Fall of 2018 and absolutely love everything about it.  I am a strong advocate of hands-on, inquiry-based learning and love to involve my students in a variety of community service, problem-solving, and technology-infused activities that provide them opportunities to use their skills to help others and our planet. By building positive relationships in a safe learning environment I strive to help students reach their full potential and challenge them to always work towards higher goals.

My first science textbook, Green Chemistry Lab Manual, was published in August of 2019. As of the beginning of school year 2019, I have several project-based learning middle school science units in the works for national publication in the USA.


My husband, David, teaches upholstery part-time and pastors a local English-speaking church. Our son, Johnnie, is a high school student at ISLA Academy.

Roy Jorgensen
Mathematics, Secondary School
Masters in Mathematics Education, Brigham Young University, USA
Bachelor of Mathematics & Mathematics Education,     Brigham Young University - Hawaii, USA

Hello. My name is Roy Jorgensen. I am excited to become part of ISLA Academy. I believe there is great value in understanding the ‘whys’ behind what we do. The following hopefully will give some insight into why me, why ISLA, why math.


I grew up in northern California. I went to college in Hawaii, where I met my wife, Anna. After Hawaii, our family moved all over the place. During this time our family expanded to have four children. We moved to have different adventures and get to know and understand different cultures. I have taught in seven different states in the U.S. as well as in The Kingdom of Tonga. My entire career has been in teaching math to junior high, high school, and college students. I have also enjoyed being involved with coaching for a variety of sports.


I have bachelors’ degrees in Mathematics as well as Mathematics Education from Brigham Young University – Hawaii. During college I was involved in the university’s student government bringing wholesome, fun activities to the student population. I was also able to continue my love of sports by being on BYUH’s soccer team.


My master’s degree in Mathematics Education focused on finding ways to help students move from unproductive struggle to productive struggle. The more I learned, the more I understood the need for students to understand, for their perspective, how and why math works. With regards to mathematics, that means that my students will gain conceptual understanding while obtaining procedural fluency. In my classroom, students will take ownership of their learning. I will provide sufficient scaffolding so that they feel that they are in productive struggle while within their individual zone of proximal development.  (In a simplified from, this means…It’s going to be a solid math class where the students are going to work hard, understanding the math ideas, have lots of fun, and enjoy learning math.)


My family and I are excited to be a part of ISLA and learn about the Dominican Republic and the culture. We love learning about new things, exploring the great outdoors, and becoming part of the place we live. 

Jonathan Vick
Deputy Director, Humanities
Social Studies, Secondary School
Master of Teaching Social Studies, Fordham University, USA
Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Bachelor of Arts in History, Fordham University, USA

Hello! I was born and raised in Salem, Oregon but soon left the Northwest to live in New York City and study at Fordham University, earning a BA in Journalism and a BA in History. The next, and probably most profound, phase of my life came from serving in the Jesuit Volunteer Corps in Baton Rouge, Louisiana assisting homeless families and people recently released from prison.  After Louisiana, my next stop was Central America, specifically El Salvador and Nicaragua, to study economics, social movements, theology, and Spanish while building houses for Habitat for Humanity. Upon returning to New York City I spent the next year working as a counselor in an orphanage then earned my Master in Education from Fordham University. For the few years I lived in the "Little Santo Domingo" section of Manhattan while teaching at a predominately Dominican school in the South Bronx. All this paved the way for my move to the DR In 2007 to teach at the Carol Morgan School and Pontificia Universidad Católica Madre y Maestra.  After seven years in DR I moved around a bit more, teaching at the Columbus School in Medellin, Colombia and the American School of Asunción, Paraguay, before returning to the DR to teach at ISLA. Since being at ISLA I have had the fortunate opportunity of working with a highly talented group of educators dedicated to making the school the most challenging and progressive school on the island!

Thera MacKinnon
English Phases 4 & 6, Reading Specialist
Masters of Education, Curriculum Design & Instruction, Nova Southeastern University
Bachelor of Education, English Major, University of Alberta

Hello!  I am very happy to be part of the ISLA Academy team this year as the Reading Specialist and English teacher. For the past fourteen years I have been an educator for the New York City Board of Education, Calgary Academy, and Vista Virtual Schools I have worked closely with colleagues, parents, and students to integrate educational research, technology, and curriculum to help students maximize their strengths and close academic gaps.


I was born in Calgary, Alberta and grew up in rural Alberta. I earned my Bachelor of Education degree from the University of Alberta where I majored in English and minored in Art.  After earning my degree, I began my teaching career in New York City. I was privileged to work with students in 6th through 8th grade in English Language Arts. My time in New York provided me with the opportunity to develop my teaching practice with a wide variety of learners.  While working in New York, I earned my Master of Education with a focus on Curriculum Design and Instruction and focused primarily on using educational research to help solve problems within classroom situations. Following my time in New York, I moved back to Calgary, Alberta where I taught for eight years at a school specializing in learning challenges and learning disabilities. During my tenure, I taught primarily English and Social Students to students 5th through 9th grade.  I was fortunate to attend a wide variety of professional development in reading and writing strategies for a wide variety of learners. I had the opportunity to develop my leadership skills as I prepared and led professional development both to fellow staff at my school and in the United States on reading strategies and remedial interventions. Before moving to DR, I taught at an online school teaching English to 10th through 12th grade. While at the online school, I developed my teaching practice in terms of technology, working with a wider variety of learners all over the world, and curriculum design.  


I can now count myself as privileged to join the ISLA Academy family.  I look forward to working with you and your children this year!


Dr. Beth Duchanaud, Ph.D.
English, Phases 5 & 7 
Community Service Learning Coordinator
On-Site Counselor
PhD in French Language and Literature, New York University, USA
Masters in French Literature, University of Virginia, USA
Masters in French Language, Middlebury College, USA
Master of Social Work, New York University, USA
Bachelor of Arts, Mary Baldwin College, USA

As a child with my head perpetually buried in a book, the idea of teaching did not come to me organically. While I worked toward my Bachelor’s degree at Mary Baldwin College in French literature and Fine Arts, it was my mother who suggested teaching as a feasible way to turn either interest into a career. Thanks to my mom’s advice, I walked into classrooms in different public school counties, different colleges and different countries as Mademoiselle Bowles (and later as Madame Duchanaud) for decades. As it turned out, I was hooked on language teaching from my first day as a student teacher! Through the years, I have taught all levels of French as well as French and English creative writing and French literature. Under a Fulbright scholarship, I taught English to French elementary and high school students and researched the implementation of content-based instruction as it applied to language learning. While I worked toward my PhD in French literature (awarded in 2006), I taught French and helped develop the French Department’s language curriculum. In the end, no matter what the student age or language proficiency, I found successful foreign-language learning always began with the cultivation of empathy among students which in turn allowed for more comfortable communication, communication that did not hinge upon perfection and judgment but understanding and acceptance. After all, we learn language to communicate! Through the years, I saw how such an environment allowed for a certain academic and social fearlessness that led to impressive academic and social growth. 

As my own family grew, my focus shifted beyond the classroom to my community, where I discovered a similar hankering to foster empathy and understanding across different communities in and around my New York suburb. I found myself volunteering in various prison outreach programs, becoming a Stephen Minister, and returning to school for my Social Work degree (Masters awarded in 2019). Via this degree, I have worked in different settings, from the clinical realm to the classroom. Despite these different work environments, my natural inclination to seek and cultivate cross-cultural appreciation and understanding among youth both in and out of the classroom has remained constant…and will continue at ISLA!


Indeed, the importance of acceptance and understanding and of the empathic connection as we work together in the name of learning is always key!


Yessica Gonzales
Spanish, Phases 2-7
Educación Nivel Básico: Lengua Española y Ciencias Sociales, en el Instituto Superior de Formación Docente Salomé Ureña

Supe que la enseñanza  es parte de mi, desde pequeña, ya que centraba mi atención en libros clásicos en mis tiempos libres, y luego contaba las experiencias que conocía a mis familiares,  además impartía clases particulares a niños que desconocían el maravilloso mundo de la lectura. Estudié Educación Nivel Básico: Lengua Española y Ciencias Sociales, en el Instituto Superior de Formación Docente Salomé Ureña, ahí mejoré mis habilidades para transmitir conocimientos a otros mediante la capacitación continua; realicé talleres orientados a la educación española, la historia, y las artes, de esta manera las integro a mi clase. 


Considero que el aprendizaje significativo se lleva a cabo de manera efectiva cuando se integran estrategias lúdicas a las clases, ya que estas dinamizan el proceso de enseñanza y crea afectividad entre el maestro y los estudiantes, ya que estos al mismo tiempo que aprenden hacen lo que más le gusta: Jugar. 

Daniel Pacheco
Physical Education
Bachelor of Physical Education, La Universidad Autónoma de Santo Domingo

Hi, my name is Daniel Israel Pacheco Acosta. I have a Bachelor's degree in Physical Education, from La Universidad Autónoma de Santo Domingo. I taught abroad in Panama for three years. Since returning to the Dominican Republic, I taught PE in a primary school. Afterwards, I began working for (SEDEFIR) which is the Dominican Sport Ministry.



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