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Progressive, dynamic, Caribbean international school seeks qualified teachers with international experience in project-based learning, AP/IB curricula, and progressive educational practices. ISLA Academy seeks faculty who are risk-takers and innovators and who do not fear the extra work and commitment required to build transformative institutions. Intellectual curiosity, a willingness to be leaders, and a humanistic world outlook will distinguish our faculty. ISLA faculty are passionate people who desire to be agents of change, who care deeply for children and who understand the critical transformative role teachers can and must play. Our faculty practice healthy lifestyles, appreciate the outdoors and nature, and are physically active.
ISLA offers an incredibly diverse student population, with more than 30 countries represented. Our class sizes are small and personal, with approximately 15 students. The school has a supportive administration and very experienced and qualified teaching staff. Both shaded, green campuses are located only a few steps from the beach with outdoor classrooms, a school garden, a swimming pool, and free-range chickens. Just behind the school is a new permaculture project with walking trails and an organic garden.

Our first campus is located in Cabarete, Dominican Republic, a laid-back Caribbean beach town and one of the kitesurfing capitals of the world. Cabarete and its neighboring town, Sosua, are home to many beautiful beaches and mountains, with opportunities for surfing, windsurfing, kayaking, SUP, scuba diving, and more. The Dominican people are vibrant and friendly. There is an international airport only 15 minutes from the school. Each year, our town hosts several international events, including the DR Jazz Fest, Master of the Ocean, and Cabarete Carnaval. 

Our second campus is located in the stunning Playa Bonita, Las Terrenas. Classes often take place on the tranquil beaches that are a short walk from our playground. We have a pond and school garden where our permaculture classes enable students to get even closer to nature. 


Teacher packages include a very competitive salary, multiple long paid holidays, free tuition for faculty children, a Christmas bonus, health insurance, relocation stipends,  a gym membership, professional development, and numerous teacher excursions and other benefits. Several of ISLA’s former teachers have gone on to hold positions in leadership at other schools, based in large part on the experience gained while working here. 


To Apply; 

  • Help us to get to know you better.  Send a short video to help us learn more about you. Your video should be in English and touch on the following topics;

  - Tell us a bit about you.

    (Likes, dislikes, hobbies, interests. Your family. Your story so far). 

  - Hopes for the future. 

  - What is something that you can't live without? 

  - What do you consider to be your philosophy of education? 

  -Why ISLA? 


Experience and Qualifications:
  • Previous teaching or assistant teaching position required

  • Certification or degree related to Education preferred

Desired qualities:
  • willingness to work in a multi-age group classroom and devise creative ways to differentiate learning

  • the ability to work well with children, parents, caregivers, colleagues, and other professionals

  • a commitment to children’s cognitive, social, and emotional development and equal opportunities

  • excellent judgment in the safeguarding of each child

  • excellent organizational and time management skills

  • creative ideas for designing learning and play activities

  • the ability to manage classes and deal with challenging behavior

  • excellent communication skills

  • patience, a good sense of humor, and a lot of positive energy

Teacher Assistants

Potential teacher assistants should demonstrate high energy and patience when working with children. They should show great initiative and enjoy a range of activities. Teacher Assistants are required to run small groups within the class. They accompany students to a range of elective classes including but not limited to permaculture, Spanish, Music, and Art. 

Teacher Assistants should take the safety of our students, including when supervising students on the playground at recess times. Teacher assistants ideally are bi-lingual, dominating both English and Spanish preferably. 

Afterschool Club Leaders 

Do you have a hobby or specialty and a passion for teaching? Maybe you love to cook or sew, are interested in service projects, or can teach a language. 


ISLA Academy is looking for passionate, motivated members of the community to lead afterschool clubs. Previous teaching experience preferred, but not required.


ISLA Academy is looking for motivated volunteers to volunteer on creative projects.


  • Are you a budding artist?

  • Do you have a love for Mother Nature and enjoy working in the garden? 

  • Maybe, you're a talented musician or have a soft spot for drama or theater?

Being a volunteer at ISLA requires commitment and dedication. Volunteers are required to work from 7:45-3 pm Monday-Friday. 

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