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Go Green Initiative


We here at ISLA Academy love the Earth. We want to foster the same love and appreciation in all of our students. 


What does it mean to “Go G.R.E.E.N.?”

   Generate less waste

   Recycle everything that cannot be reused

    Educate the community on eco-friendly options

   Evaluate the environmental impact of our actions

    Nourish discussions and activities that integrate environmental education into existing curriculum




How we are showing the Earth that we care:


  • We have a zero-trash lunch policy, in which parents are encouraged to pack their children’s lunches in reusable containers. 


  • We reuse as many items as possible in as many ways as possible. 


  • The majority of furniture purchased by ISLA Academy is sourced sustainably and/ or locally.


  • ISLA Academy classrooms are filled with natural light, and we use energy efficient fluorescent light bulbs.


  • Our school uses low-flow toilets, which have better efficiency and less water use than standard fixtures.


  • We are inspired to be green in the classroom. Creative use of everyday materials set an example of environmental conscientiousness as we make artistic projects at school.


  • Organic gardening. ISLA Academy believes in teaching children about sustainability at a young age. Gardening gives our entire school an opportunity to appreciate the connection between healthy food and healthy selves.


  • Minimal paper consumption. We try to do most of our communicating digitally, or through public, shared documents. Paper in the classroom is used only when absolutely necessary. 

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