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Applying Online is Easy!


Follow these simple steps for an easy application process.


1. Please make sure you have all necessary documents on hand before you begin. You will need scanned copies or clear photos of the following documents:

  • Passport or birth certificate

  • Vaccination records

  • For all students age 7 and older: A scanned copy of the applicant's hand-written essay explaining why she/he would like to be a student at ISLA Academy

  • Any records of learning support and/or behavioral issues

  • Most recent school reports


2. Help us to get to know your family better by sending us a video to

Your video should be in English as much as possible and touch on the following topics;

- Tell us about your likes, dislikes, hobbies, and interests.

-Introduce us to your family. What is your educational story so far?

- What are your hopes for the future?

-Why would you like to study at ISLA? 

3. Complete the online registration form below.


4. $10 application fee to seal the deal. If you do not use PayPal, click here for more payment options.





Seal the Deal

($10 per application)

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