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ISLA Academy Wins 1st place in Gymnastics Competition

After two months of rigorous training, the ISLA Academy gymnastics team traveled to Salcedo, in the Cibao Valley of the Dominican Republic, to participate in their first competition, the '2nd Provincial Rhythmic Gymnastics Tournament 2017', held May 5, 2017.

Under the leadership of team captains Samantha Biondi and Giulia Oliva, the team met early mornings, on the weekends, and after school to design and practice their choreography, mix their own music, and make their own uniforms.

In front of a huge audience at Liceo Cientifico, the team perfectly executed their routine and were awarded the top prize in their age group. We are so proud of the way they represented ISLA Academy. They are all excited to defend their title at the next competition in June.

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