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ISLA Academy Sports and Swimming Program

We are pleased to announce an innovative new partnership with Ahnvee Resort and Sports ( Ahnvee Resort & Sports is the newest all-inclusive resort in Sosúa on the North coast of the Dominican Republic. Ahnvee Resort & Sports offers unparalleled amenities for sports, fitness and dining. Ahnvee has generously offered their space and facilities for use by ISLA’s Physical Education and Health Programs.

Beginning this Friday, students from all phases will begin using these facilities as a part of our physical fitness programming, making use of both swimming facilities and providing yoga instruction on site. ISLA will arrange all transportation to and from the facility. We will notify parents prior to any student trips to the resort.

We would also like to take this opportunity to inform families of some of the services available through Ahnvee Resort and Sports that you might like to take advantage of. Every Friday afternoon Ahnvee hosts an after school celebration for kids from 3:00 pm on. Resort staff are onsite to provide fun and games for all ages, from 2 to 16. Parents are welcome to come and relax at one of the restaurants, enjoy a cocktail or snack while the children play.

Also coming up is Ahnvee’s Halloween Party. Add a mask and a costume to the mix to celebrate the holiday at Ahnvee.

If you have any questions about our programs and activities at Ahnvee, please feel free to contact Hazakyah Hardy-Dia at

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