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Innovation and collaboration at ISLA Academy

At ISLA Academy, the New Year brought more opportunities for teacher collaboration across our campus. In January 2017, all of our teachers have spent time working with multiple classes. This creates consistency across the curriculum, encourages collaboration and connection, and gives our students a chance to experience the many talents of our entire teaching staff.

When teachers have opportunities to collaborate and observe one another, a welcoming environment is created that places an emphasis on quality results and working together. ISLA Academy offers progressive education on the North Coast of the Dominican Republic, with classes taught primarily in English, from Pre-School through High School.

ISLA Academy has begun combining English classes with grades 1-3. We do this in level centers in order to teach more individually to the students. For example, some students work on phonics, some on guided reading, others work on reading comprehension and vocabulary. The students enjoy working in different groups and have been enthusiastic, reporting that it's "much more fun like this!". Children learn more easily when they are happy and engaged with the process.

A recent article in the journal Stanford Social Innovation Review stated the following: “Teaching is not an isolated activity. If it’s going to be done well, it has to be done collaboratively over time. With collaboration, you are exposed to other teachers’ priorities and are better able to incorporate them to broaden your own approach in the classroom.”

ISLA Academy is proud of the diversity our teachers provide, with a wide variety of teaching experience, and nationalities. Their excellence and professionalism is the common thread, and our students benefit immensely from what they all have to offer.

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