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2nd Presentation Day Held at ISLA Academy – December, 2016

ISLA Academy held Presentation Day for the second Unit of Inquiry on Thursday, December 1. Students presented their learning and project development from the previous six weeks to their families and the community. Representative work was chosen from each grade level, and was on display around the school with teachers and students offering their unit projects for discussion.

Highlights included a performance by Phase 1 about feelings, a multimedia presentation by Phase 2 on Simple and Compound Machines (complete with a video, song and hand-made functioning objects), individual presentations from students in Phase 3 on such topics as Assembly Lines & Effective Systems, and presentations from students in Phases 4-6 that included endangered species such as the Panda, Rhino and Shark, the importance of upcycling & recycling, and an innovative game board contrasting science and religion.

The campus buzzed with excitement as the gathering at ISLA Academy provided an opportunity for families to share in the enjoyment of their children’s education. Presentation Day takes place on the final week of each Unit of Inquiry, and is a dynamic and engaging opportunity for parents to learn more about the day to day studies and projects of all the students.

More about ISLA Academy

ISLA Academy offers high-quality education for PreK to Grade 12 at their campus located in Cabarete-Sosua on the north coast of the Dominican Republic. ISLA Academy is a unique offering to the private, international schools of the Dominican Republic, providing a rigorous, inquiry-based curriculum taught primarily in English, with an experienced team of internationally certified teachers from eight different countries.

The inquiry-based approach to learning utilized by ISLA Academy connects with a child's natural curiosity, and creates a culture of investigation and active knowledge-seeking. This approach encourages students to be participants in their own education, and nurtures the love of life-long learning.

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