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Your child is growing up so fast and she or he is learning new things every day. Parents that understand the importance of exposing their child to a rich diversity of educational experience select the ISLA Playschool to supplement their little one's educational needs.


ISLA Playschool offers Mama + Me classes for children from infant to preschool.  Parents or caregivers join their young children for exciting and diverse learning experiences.  Be a part of your child’s education and watch their eyes light up with wonder as they are guided to explore the world around them, all under the leadership of our highly experienced international team of teachers and early childhood experts.


A rotation of Playschool classes are offered every Friday at 8:30, with plenty of time before and after each session for your child to explore our playground and our beautiful learning spaces. These are great opportunities to let your little ones burn off some of that incredible energy while parents get to socialize with other families in the community. Please check our Calendar or Upcoming Events for our weekly schedule.




Music Makers

If you are tired of singing the same songs every day with your child, join us in our Music Makers class for fun, interactive sing-alongs.  These are not your average “repeat after me” activities.  Music theory forms the backbeat to every activity, as children learn about pitch, rhythm, and tempo.  Participants have hands-on experiences playing unique and interesting musical instruments.  Guest musicians frequently drop in to “jam” with the children.  Plus, parents and caregivers can get in on the fun too.  Like all Playschool classes, they participate with their children.  


Sensory Science

All young children are naturally inquisitive about the world around them.  Join our Sensory Science group to give your child the opportunity to have mind-blowing experiences in a fun, nurturing environment.  Children watch and complete child-friendly experiments, use microscopes, examine local plants and rocks, and participate in a variety of sensory activities.  All activities are led by a licensed international educator.  Parents are encouraged to join in the fun and are sure to learn something new with each class.  At ISLA Academy, we love it when children ask “WHY?” 



Tumbleweeds is an introductory gymnastics class for toddlers ages 12 months (walking) up to preschool. Each class involves the participation of mom or dad for child support and encouragement.  With this special motor skill & perceptual education program, children will develop overall fitness through gymnastics, dance, and other challenging activities while having fun and staying safe. Every class concentrates on basic balance, coordination and challenging skills for your child to accomplish. Get active and show your child how fun exercise can be.


Crafty Kids

There is an artist inside each one of us and you will be amazed at the creativity your child has once she is given the opportunity to explore a variety of different mediums.  Our Crafty Kids class gives your child the chance to paint, draw, build, cut, paste, and create. Your child will leave each class with a precious piece of art.



Little Flippers

Living on the North Coast, it is so important for each child to have the ability to swim.  What better place to learn than in ISLA Academy’s child-friendly pool. Our experienced swimming instructor will help your child learn at his own pace and give you the peace of mind that he is safe and confident near the water.

Single Class (excluding Little Flippers)

200 RD

Little Flippers (10 week term)

4,500 RD

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